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fetchMail Class Reference

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 fetchMail (String pPropFile)

Package Functions

void fetchAll ()
String findRootPath (String message)

Package Attributes

ArrayList< MailListfiles = new ArrayList<MailList>()
String inboxAddr

Private Member Functions

boolean alreadyRunning (String lockfile)
int doFbaAuth (HttpClient client, String connType)
String fixFileName (String filename)
String getDeleteMsg (String filename)
String getInboxMsg ()
String getListMailMsg ()
String getMarkAsReadMsg (String filename)
boolean getProperties ()
String getRootPath (HttpClient client, String prootPath)
String loopProp (Node node)
String loopPropStat (Node node)
void loopResponse (Node node)
int markAsRead (HttpClient client, String url)
int removeMsg (HttpClient client, String url)
void searchHrefs (Node node)
void searchInbox (Node node)

Private Attributes

boolean allMsgs
boolean debug
String destination
String domain
String dstAddr
String dstMailSrv
String fakeFrom
String fbapath
boolean fixFrom
String fromSrv
boolean ISA
boolean justList
boolean justMark
String mboxFile
boolean noEightBitMime
String password
String propFile = null
String proxyHost
boolean proxyOn
int proxyPort
boolean secureConn
SendType sendMethod = SendType.SMTP
String serverPath
String username

Detailed Description

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